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About Us

General Information

What is Hawai'i DXP?

The Hawai'i Data eXchange Partnership, or Hawai'i DXP (formerly called the P20W SLDS) is a statewide cross-agency, longitudinal data system that links information from infancy through early learning, K-12 and postsecondary education, and into the workforce. Hawai'i DXP will help guide decisions and policies to improve learner and workforce outcomes for the benefit of our community.

Hawai'i DXP allows for targeted examination of programs and policies and their impacts on student achievement and workforce outcomes. It will inform strategic planning, support accountability and improve program effectiveness at all levels of education and workforce training statewide.

This data system will protect individually identifiable data and information. Formal agreements developed in compliance with state and federal laws define the way data are used and reported in order to maintain confidentiality and privacy.

Our Mission

Hawai'i DXP, previously referred to as the P-20 to Workforce Statewide Longitudinal Data System (P20W SLDS), will link cross-agency data from early learning, K-12, postsecondary and labor, open access to data and information to stakeholders, and help guide decision- and policy-making to improve educational and workforce outcomes for our families and community.

Our Vision

The cross-agency data and information produced by Hawai'i DXP will be used to evaluate and improve Hawai'i's student and workforce outcomes to benefit our residents, families, and economy.

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Our Team

Jean Osumi

Hawai'i DXP Project Director

Todd Ikenaga

Hawai'i DXP Program Manager

Tracy Hongo

Data Governance Coordintator

Anita Huang

Institutional Analyst

Meera Garud

Institutional Analyst

Renee Sakamoto

Business Intelligence Analyst